What Industries Benefit Most from Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction (PFC) offers advantages to any business that relies on electricity, but some industries see even greater benefits due to the nature of their electrical loads. Here’s a breakdown of industries that can reap the most rewards from PFC:


Heavy motor usage: Manufacturing facilities are full of motors powering machinery. These motors are prime culprits for a low power factor due to their inductive nature. PFC can significantly improve efficiency and reduce electricity bills.


Data Centers:

Continuous power demand: Data centers require a constant and reliable flow of electricity. PFC ensures efficient power delivery, minimizes energy losses within the facility, and reduces cooling needs for heat-generating electrical components.


Chemical and Petrochemical:

High-powered processes: Chemical and petrochemical plants often use powerful pumps, mixers, and other equipment. PFC helps manage reactive power consumption, leading to cost savings and improved grid stability.


Metal Production:

Induction furnaces: Induction furnaces rely heavily on electric currents to heat metal. PFC helps optimize power usage in these furnaces, reducing energy costs and improving overall process efficiency.


Entertainment Venues:

Many moving parts: theme parks, water parks, zoos, arcades, and family entertainment centers have as many moving parts as there are people walking around. HVAC units, pumps, fans and electric motors cause every level of use variation that can benefit.


Bonus: Businesses with Time-of-Day Billing

If your business is billed based on electricity usage during peak hours, PFC can be even more beneficial. By improving your power factor, you can potentially reduce your peak demand charges, leading to additional cost savings.


Take Action:

If you suspect a low power factor might be an issue, don’t hesitate!  Contact Energy Efficiency Group to begin the conversation. 


About Energy Efficiency Group:
Energy Efficiency Group is a Power Factor Correction company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though we are based in Cincinnati, we have a national (and limited international) reach. We partner with manufacturing, industrial, warehouse, offices, schools, processing facilities, as well as hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos, etc. Any facility with that features “a lot of moving parts” is a potential candidate to focus on sustainability efforts.  Even if your facility installed 100% energy efficient components- most of these are not manufactured by the same companies and not designed to “work together.” Meanwhile, they may be energy efficient on their own, as a whole they may be working against each other causing inefficiencies. Energy Efficiency Group is partnered with Indianapolis-based Global Energy Solutions Group (GESG) which holds multiple US patents on Power Factor Correction equipment. 

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