Is Power Factor Correction Considered a Sustainability Effort?

Yes, power factor correction (PFC) is considered a sustainability effort for a few reasons:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: While PFC doesn’t directly decrease total energy use (kWh), it improves the efficiency of the system, leading to lower overall energy losses. This translates to less energy being generated.
  • Lower Grid Strain: By reducing reactive power draw and improving power factor, PFC helps to lessen the burden on the electricity grid. This allows utility companies to transmit power more efficiently and reduces the need for additional power generation, which hase environmental benefits.
  • Sustainability Alignment: a company’s core principles of sustainability often involve reducing resource consumption and environmental impact. PFC aligns with these goals by promoting efficient energy use and potentially lowering reliance on overall generated electricity.

PFC itself doesn’t generate renewable energy, but it can be seen as a complementary strategy to sustainability efforts that focus on renewable sources.

Overall, PFC is a valuable tool for industrial facilities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. As a result of these improvements, it can also be considered a contributor to broader sustainability efforts.


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Energy Efficiency Group is a Power Factor Correction company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though we are based in Cincinnati, we have a national (and limited international) reach. We partner with manufacturing, industrial, warehouse, offices, schools, processing facilities, as well as hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos, etc. Any facility with that features “a lot of moving parts” is a potential candidate to focus on sustainability efforts.  Even if your facility installed 100% energy efficient components- most of these are not manufactured by the same companies and not designed to “work together.” Meanwhile, they may be energy efficient on their own, as a whole they may be working against each other causing inefficiencies. Energy Efficiency Group is partnered with Indianapolis-based Global Energy Solutions Group (GESG) which holds multiple US patents on Power Factor Correction equipment.

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